I’ve been a fan of Felice Varini for quite a while. He uses special techniques in order to create a painting that can be correctly viewed only from a vantage point. He usually uses a small surface of an abandoned building or warehouse but not anymore. The buildings in the town of Vercorin in the Swiss Alps contribute to an impressive piece by Felice Varini, called Cercle et suite d’éclats. Using his 3d technique he created this pattern where the correct image can only be seen from a vantage point. Photographs from the same spot in daylight make the town look flat, almost like a postcard.

Peinture de Felice Varini ˆ Vercorin      cercle-et-suite-declats-by-felice-varini-1

cercle-et-suite-declats-by-felice-varini-4       cercle-et-suite-declats-by-felice-varini-5